Rodent Species in South Africa

Rodents not only damage food but they may also transmit many harmful diseases. They are increasing in numbers day by day and in South Africa you can find them in big numbers whether it is mice or rats. Mostly there are two major variants of rats that are causing the damage i.e. the Black Rat and the Brown Rat. Below is more info about both these types-

Brown Rat– This type of rat has a shorter tail compared to its head and body and they weight around 350-500g. It also has one more name i.e. roof rat. Per litter they have 7-8 young and there are about 3-6 litters in a year. Their growth happens at quite a fast pace as it merely takes 10-12 weeks for them to reach sexual maturity from birth. These creepers are omnivorous as they can eat whatever comes their way. In a whole day they drink 60ml and eat about 30g of food.

Black Rat– These rats have tails longer than their head and body. They weight around 150-200g and their size ranges between 16-24cm. If you look at their reproduction capacity, then they give birth to 5-10 young per litter and there are about 3-6 litters each year. In just 12-16 weeks they reach sexual maturity. Moist fruits are the most favorite food of Black Rats.

Along with these two species of rats, there are plenty other species of rats that have made their presence count with the damage done by them.

What damage they can do?

  • Rats can chew and ruin walls and floor joists.
  • They can provide damage to the insulation of your home.
  • They can ruin and infect food stuff.
  • Transmit diseases to humans and pets.
  • They can chew electrical cables that can cause fires.

There are several other species of rodents in South Africa such as Red Rock Rat, Four Striped Grass Mouse, Southern African Vlei Rat, White Tailed Rat and plenty more.

But the most devastating ones are the brown rats and the black rats. They can make a real mess around your premises. Due to their vast capacity of reproduction they have become a serious matter to think about. Every year these rats are responsible for millions of Rands in losses. Several rat control and removal methods have helped in restricting the quantity of rodents in South Africa but still they are huge in numbers. Time has come to think about their removal from the root. One more reason for concern is that they may transmit many harmful diseases. If their birth and quantity are not controlled then they can also spread epidemics. Pest control bait and other processes can be quite handy in the removal of rodents altogether. South African rodents have become a real challenge but experts have better and more proficient ideas to overcome such challenge quite efficiently.

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