Cockroach Species in South Africa

Cockroaches may give goose bumps to anyone and these creepy creatures are responsible for spreading different diseases. There is wide range of cockroaches found in South Africa. Some of the eminent species are the American cockroach, Oriental cockroach and German cockroach. Physical attributes and other significant credentials of these cockroaches are mentioned below-

American Cockroach– It is one of the biggest cockroaches in South Africa to get into home and commercial spaces. They are red-brown in color with a shiny finish and their size is about 35-40mm long. In males, the wings are longer than the body and they may fly given the right temperatures. The egg case carried by female carries about 16 eggs and female carries it for plenty of days before getting deposited. Hatching time of eggs is 1-2 months. It may take up to 15 months for the nymphs to be developed. These types of cockroaches prefer to live in dark and humid scenarios. They can be found in bathrooms, roof voids, kitchens, basement, subfloors etc.

Oriental Cockroach– These cockroaches are dark brown or black in color. In males, the wings cover ¾ length of the abdomen and in females the wings get undeveloped. Size of these cockroach ranges between 20-25mm. Females carry 16 eggs in their egg case the eggs take 2 months time to hatch. Nymphs turn in to adults between 6-18 months.  They prefer to live in a damp and cool environment like beneath porches, drains, basements etc. Along with that they can also be found in the leaf litters and rubbish tips. They prefer to run rather than flying.

German Cockroach– They can be easily recognized by 2 dark and big stripes at their pronotum. Adults have a length of about 12-15mm. Females carry 35-40 eggs in their egg case till the time they are ready for hatching. It takes one month for hatching. It takes from 6 weeks to 6 months for nymphs to grow in to adults. You can find these cockroaches indoors. You can sense their presence at wet and humid places such as bathrooms, kitchens, and commercial areas.

Along with the above mentioned species of cockroaches, there are several other species of cockroaches as well as the lesser cockroach, dusky cockroach, brown banded cockroach and several other species. It is not just the matter of counting and evaluating the species of the cockroaches but to have a good plan of action in place for their removal.

So many insecticides are available on the market that can be helpful in removing cockroaches from your home and office but it is always better to make use of an expert’s help rather than trying to control them on your own.

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