Ant Species in South Africa

South Africa is known for its rich and wide range of wild life and animal species. Here you will also find a wide range of ant species. You can find a number of ant varieties in South Africa. Some of the varieties are mentioned below-

Coastal Brown Ant– They may be brown or yellow brown in color and their size ranges between 1.5-2.5mm. If you look at their lifecycle then they form small sized eggs and larvae which are fed by adults. The wingless ants are workers and then the sterile it may last for up to one year. Male ants have wings and they exist to get intimate with the females. The females have bigger size and they live for many years. These types of ants make their nests in soil. They may attack on different food stuff like fruits, sweets, meat, and other greasy food stuff.

 Fire Ant- Such kinds of ants have copper-brown head and body and they are darker in color in their abdomen region. The workers are 3-6mm long in size and the queens are 15mm long in size. Female can lay up to 125 eggs in the late spring season. Larvae get their food from the secretion from the salivary glands of the queen. These ants can be highly devastating for the crops and they also invade indoor and outdoor areas. They usually eat the dead animals like vertebrates, earthworms, and insects etc.

Argentine Ant- These ants are light to dark brown in appearance. Workers are almost 1.6mm long. The kings and queens both have wings and they are responsible for reproduction. Their nest is hard to track as the worker-ants travel the long distances. They like to have the sweet food, but they also eat dead and live insects, cereals, meat etc.

Pavement Ant– These ants are usually blackish or dark brown in color. They are 3mm long in size with 6 legs and surprisingly they have 2 spines on their back. The winged-ants gives the resemblance of termites and sometimes people even consider them as termites. They may emerge any time throughout the year. They prefer to make their nests along baseboards, sidewalks, under boards, woods, and stones.

Pharaoh’s Ant– Worker-ants are yellow-brown in color with a brown color at the abdomen region.  Males have the black wings and size of the males is 3mm long. Workers are 1.5-2mm long while the queens are 3.5-6 mm long with wings and are dark red in color. They prefer to eat the food stuff with high protein such as dead insects, blood, fats, meat etc. During entire life a queen may produce 3500 eggs. Their colony member may range from few hundreds to 300000 ants.

These are some of the eminent species of ants you may find in South Africa. Still there are plenty more to explore here. The above mentioned species are the most common ones which you may easily find. All these ants have different appearance and working style but their superb teamwork remains constant.

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