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Megatrax is a South African market leader in Specialised Ant Pest Control Industry Established in 1989. Megatrax has kept abreast of international trends, implementing modern techniques with strict quality and safety standards throughout every project.

We are registered PCOs (Pest Control Operators) with the Department of Agriculture with a highly skilled and qualified team to complete the project by following the optimum environment safety standard.

Ant Control

Sometimes, it hardly makes any difference how efficiently you clean up the leftovers and how fast you clean up the benches, ants are still capable enough to invade.

Why Ant Control is essential

Ants may look small in size but the devastation done by them can be huge. Therefore it will be wise to control the situation rather than waiting for it to get more crucial. Below mentioned points will elaborate the significance of ants-control:

Maintaining cleanliness is not sufficient– It is good to clean your home on a regular basis, even then there is a chance that these tiny enemies may trespass. The cleanest office or home can get affected with these tiny troopers. A slight change in environment may seek them out in search for new food sources or totally shifting their base. Therefore, ant control by using chemicals becomes necessary to make your home and office free from these small attackers.

They can ruin your valuable appliances and food– Don’t take them too lightly, otherwise they will ruin everything gradually. They can create an irritating scenario, and rather than crying over the spilt milk it will be better to take some smart measures for prevention. This is the reason one should avail to a chemical removal process where you can make your place free from their existence. If you don’t control them, then their numbers will increase and the ants may invade your food, appliances, baby food and bottles and will create a complete mess.

They can cause immeasurable damage– Different ant species may make their home in roof voids, electrical equipment, under paved areas, gardens, and inside the wall cavities etc. If you like to protect your property from damage, then you need to take ant control measures.

What can be possible Ant Control Methods?

First of all, inspection is quite essential, because only then experts will get the exact information about the ant species, what is the severity of situation, and what would be the best suited measure for ant control.

Chemical Treatment– It may range from granules, to dry powder and liquid formulation. Only chemical thatare family and pet friendly are used and ingredients in such products have content of synthetic pyrethroids. Chemical treatments can also be helpful in stopping the ant infestation in future.

Ant Baiting– It can also be quite effective. After identifying the type of ant the ideal bait can be selected and placed smartly for encouraging the ants to feed. Ants have the natural habit to shift the bait to their colony, so in that case the whole colony of ants can be exterminated if baiting has been done well.

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