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Don’t judge them as per their size as they can demolish your entire home with their excellent team work and mammoth quantity. Yes, these are none other than ants who are ready to finish each and every thing in your home whether it is the food stuff or expensive appliances. Ants have become smarter and now they have more weapons in their bag, they are becoming more lethal.

Wide range of ant-varieties is ready to infuriate you

A numbers of ant-varieties exist all around the world. Some of these ant species have poisonous stings as well but luckily their poison is not too harmful to humans though their sting may cause severe pain around the affected area. Some of the ant-species are mentioned below-

  • Coastal Brown Ants may be brown or yellow brown in color and their size ranges between 1.5-2.5mm. The females are bigger in size and they live for many years. These types of ants make their nests in soil. They may prey on different food stuff like fruits, sweets, meat, and other greasy food.
  • Argentine ants are of light to dark brown in appearance. They like sweet food, but they also eat dead and live insects, cereals, meat etc.
  • Fire Ants have copper-brown head and body and they are darker in color in their abdomen region. They usually eat dead animals like vertebrates, earthworms, and insects etc.

These are some of the ants that can make your place a muddle.

Significance of ant control

If you see just three or four ants crawling all over your place, then don’t take it too lightly, as you don’t know that they have millions of hidden trespassers who can ruin the beauty and hygiene of your place.

Therefore, ant control is important because it can make your place free from the possession of these tiny enemies. Ants have the unmatched quality of team work and attack; this is why proper planning and use of the right insecticide is quite crucial. You can take benefit of our premium quality ant control services for removing ants from your home, office or any other commercial place.

Safety is essential

Ants can get into baby food, bottles, pet food, and into your valuable appliances as well. Situation can be more sensitive if you have babies as ant bite can give them rashes and skin irritation etc.

Right treatment

Ant baiting and chemical insecticides can come in use for ant removal. Our experts make use of the best and safest methods for ant removal.

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