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Ants prefer sunny climate and the climate in Centurion is exactly what they want. Therefore, ants love to stay in this region. They can create extreme nuisance once they enter into your premises. Some of the species are mentioned underneath-

Pharaoh’s Ants are one of the most lethal ants in South Africa. Worker-ants are yellow-brown in color with a brown color at the abdomen region.  Males have the black wings and size of the males is 3mm long. They prefer to eat the food stuff with high protein such as dead insects, blood, fats, meat etc. During entire life span a queen may produce 3500 eggs. Their colony members may range from few hundreds to 300 000 ants.

Pavement ants are usually blackish or bark brown in color. They are 3mm long in size with 6 legs and surprisingly they have 2 spines on their back. The winged-ants gives the resemblance of termites and sometimes people even consider them as termites. You can find their nests under stones, woods, under-boards, sidewalks, and baseboards etc.

Fire ants have copper-brown head and body and they are darker in color in their abdomen region. The workers are 3-6mm long in size and the queens are 15mm long in size. Female can lay up to 125 eggs in the late spring season.

Need of professional Ant Control

Mere cleaning is not sufficient for restricting the incoming of ants in your premises. If you wish to protect your food stuff and other valuable things from the possession of ants, then you should avail professional ant control assistance. Professionals are well aware about the seriousness of the situation and they craft an action plan as per the requirement. First they visit the affected place as it gives them a clear idea about the type of ants and what can be the perfect measures for their absolute removal.

What are the perfect products for this purpose?

Market is loaded with n numbers of ant removal products. You can choose from wide range of options. Some of the product types are-

  • Ant granules
  • Ant spray
  • Ant killer dust
  • Ant baits
  • Ant control kits etc.

Above mentioned type of products are effective for different species of ants around the Centurion region. You can also grab top class ant control services instantly. Our zeal is to deliver the best ant control services in Centurion. Cleaning and maintaining the hygiene is not enough to keep the ants away.

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